CloudAhoy 3.0 Public Beta – Starting Today

box-2Good Morning, World,

CloudAhoy 3.0-Beta is out, and you are cordially invited to join the public beta program.

We are excited, and are eagerly awaiting your feedback!  Please share with us your experience.

So – start using the CloudAhoy 3.0-Beta now by clicking the link in your CloudAhoy 2.x —

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 12.33.09 AM

How is 3.0-Beta compared with 2.x?
Everything that used to work in CloudAhoy 2.x works in CloudAhoy 3.0-Beta. If something that you are used to do is not working, it’s a bug.  Please let us know about it ASAP.

 What’s New in CloudAhoy 3.0?  It’s Sharing, and more…

Flight Sharing is the the big thing about CloudAhoy 3.0.
There are new ways to share flights, without having to send a link. You are invited to check out the Buddies and Groups tabs. Flights which are shared with you in that way are included in your flight list, and there are selection options in the Flight tab to manage what you see.

You can use the new ways of sharing with all your existing flights.  Read more….

Full Debrief capability on the iPad

The iPad app’s Debrief tab now has  the same functionality as on the desktop, except for 3D debrief.

Debrief on any computer

CloudAhoy 3.0 allows you to login to your account and debrief your flights on any computer system, including iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

We hope you will find it useful and enjoyable, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Chuck and the team


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